Unicorn Party Bag

Plastic Free Kids’ Party Bags

As a parent, I have always found the plastic tat in kids’ party bags really uninspiring. It gets played with once,  then inevitably breaks or gets lost in the toy box only to inevitably be thrown out! I try my best every year to find something plastic free but fun for my son’s latest theme - Superheroes, Spies and Dinosaurs to name a few.

It’s great to know that there are likeminded people wanting to ban the plastic tat and who have been busily creating great quality plastic free alternatives.

All of these products are made by small UK independent makers, who care about sustainability and fun.

Here are some joyful and colourful themes for your kids party bags. All can be found on our website under Kids’ Party Bags




 Mermaids & Pirates


Space Explorers







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