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Alphabet of Amazing Dinosaurs Flash Cards

Alphabet of Amazing Dinosaurs Flash Cards

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The set acts as an introduction to 35 amazing dinosaurs, some that you may already know and some that you may never have heard of before, but each totally amazing.

Each letter card features the letter on one side in upper and lower case with a close-up of the Dinosaur behind it, then when you turn it over, you get to see the full Dinosaur illustration with its name, along with how to pronounce it and a little symbol to show what type of food they ate. The background colour of the card shows what time period the Dinosaur lived in, meaning you can see which ones would have lived together.

Designed and illustrated by a home education mum of two, inspired by their love of nature and passion for learning through play. Created to teach kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with, so they can fall in love and want to protect them for the future. Pack contains 36 cards. One keycard and 35 animal cards, 26 letters and 9 numbers. Made in UK. Printed on sustainable card.

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